About Us

Who we are.

We are Data Scientists. We are Filmmakers. We are Full Suite Creative. We are Friends. We are Digital Natives. We are Whitespace Pioneers. We are Social Experts. We are consultants. We are World Travellers. We are Community Managers. We Are Grateful. We are Digital Artists. We are Designers. We are Kind. We are Keynote Speakers. We are Packaging Designers. We are Experiential. We Are Family.

What we do.

Perhaps the better question is what don't we do? As someone once aptly stated; "Beyond may not be the best at what we do, but they are the only people who do what they do." There is a reason you will not find our client work or case studies easily accessible online; we do not use any of the work we create for our global partners for the purposes of marketing our company. We do not share our work electronically, nor do we share our capabilities through email, text or any other form of digital or traditional communication channels. We are a stealth group of passionate consultants who ensure we help our partners capitalize on competitive vulnerability, creating inspiring opportunities for success. Our data science practice in combination with our narrative and creative practices have created an unmatched output of magnetic insights. These competitive insights ultimately pioneer whitespace for our partners and have allowed brands all over the world to launch and or evolve, exceeding business expectations. Are we proud of our work? Absolutely. Do we love what we do? Beyond WordsTM. How do we feel about being asked to launch brands all over the world? Beyond GratefulTM.

Areas of expertise.

Data Science & Insights. Brand Narrative & Strategy. Creative Ideation & Execution. Full Photography & Film Production. Social & Digital Ecosystems. Media Sciences & Content Dissemination. Experiential Activation including Keynote Speaking Engagements.

Countries we work in.

USA, Israel, Netherlands, Jamaica, Switzerland, Malta, Colombia, Canada, England, Gibraltar, Panama, Ireland, Denmark

Facts about our team
(yes they are all true).

We have had 3 sold out solo art shows for charity. We met Eric Clapton. We have built desktop computers - from scratch. We once hosted Top Model in The Canary Islands. We launched Nike's 1st digital community. We photographed a Manny Pacquiao fight in Dallas. We have lived in Jamaica, Montreal, Australia, UK, NYC, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Helsinki, Toronto. We have seen the Grateful Dead over 50 times - when Jerry was alive. We have a head chef. We introduced Prince to his wife. We worked as a greeter at The Gap. We have a snowboard instructor. We have an embroidery expert. We took care of a castle in Wales. We train with NHL players in the off season. We have delivered Keynote Presentations on 4 continents. We met Jimmy Cliff in Amsterdam. We have written, directed & produced over 100 films. We have a hockey stats expert. We hung out with Blondie. We climbed Pamukkale. We have designed dozens of gig posters. We have built libraries. We excavated an Arawak cave. We watched Lenny Kravitz get a tattoo - in person. We have trekked in Nepal. We partied in Bangkok. Our Founders have known each other since they were 5 years old.

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